Military Admissions Advisors: GI Bill Optimization

Whether you're a career military service member or an active duty reservist, veteran admissions advisors can help you get the most of your GI Bill benefits. By optimizing your GI benefits, you can get the skills, accreditations, and experiences you need to achieve your professional goals.

Here are some of the ways that veteran admissions advisors help US service members maximize their GI Bill benefits.

Finding the Right Fit

Colleges and universities sometimes offer incentives to entice US service members to attend their schools. Veteran admissions advisors can help you pick the college or university that allows you to get the most out of your GI Bill benefits.

  • Yellow Ribbon: Colleges and universities that opt into this program sometimes match GI Bill benefits and/or offer discounts to US service members. These types of programs virtually guarantee that you'll not only have the full cost of attendance covered (including housing, books, meals, and incidentals) but might also receive a sizable refund each semester. A veteran admissions advisors can help you pick the right college or university that offers what you're looking for, while also offering the best financial incentives.
  • Grad Plus: In today's job market, an undergraduate degree can be inadequate for securing highly competitive jobs. Some colleges and universities offer US service members the chance to earn a bachelor's and master's degree simultaneously. To accelerate your path to both degrees, you often need to attend school during the summer and winter holidays. Colleges and universities can award a living stipend to help you get through times when can't work because of your increased course load. Veteran admissions advisors can walk you through your options and ensure that the college or university you attend gives you the most generous package allowed by the GI Bill.

Restarting Your Degree

Many US service members don't finish college the first or even second time they enroll. If you started a degree before, during, or after your military service, a veteran admissions advisors can help you use the GI Bill to pick up where you left off.

  • Debt Forgiveness: In some cases, the GI Bill can be used to forgive previous educational-related debts. This means that your GI Bill can be used to pay off loans for post-secondary debt you accumulated before joining the military. To make this process work, your veteran admissions advisors will need to get a university or college to accept the credits you already earned toward a degree you're actively pursuing.