Are You A Military Veteran? Find Out What Benefits You Could Be Missing Out On

The military is celebrated in the United States. They risk their lives to fight for this country and sacrifice so much. This sacrifice means missing out on time with wife, children, friends and other loved ones. When a soldier leaves the military, he or she should be shown appreciation. Read on to find out what benefits you could be missing out on.

Get Funding For Licenses And Certification

You have to think about life after the military. Some veterans are not ready to stop working and want another career. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers more than basic health care and education benefits. However, there are other programs that provide benefits to you as well.

A certification for veteran benefits is another program that can benefit you and your family. Getting a certification opens the door for job opportunities. You need a certification for certain fields like welding, automotive, medical and law. To become a mechanic, you need to take a certificate program in automotive technology. The licensing and certification benefit would pay for the cost of the test to get your mechanic certification. The test has to be approved by your G.I. Bill.

Ask About Life Insurance

Many veterans have a hard time obtaining life insurance. If they have an injury, PTSD or depression, then insurance companies may deny the policy. You can get life insurance through Veteran Affairs. The rates for coverage are also very affordable.

Get Help With Your Mortgage

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, then you can get help. Veteran Affairs offer programs that provide assistance for veterans in financial need. This assistance includes special repayment plans, loan modification programs, and loan forbearance. Additional benefits are available for homeless veterans and veterans with VA loans.

Get Free Game Attendance

The government is not the only organization that offers benefits. Many sports teams enjoy appreciating veterans as well. You can get a free ticket in almost every sport from baseball to basketball. Some teams have military appreciation day. Military and their families can see the game for free on that day.

You can also call the team directly and ask about their military specials. For example, if you stay in Chicago, Illinois, then you could get tickets to a Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs game.

If you want to start a new career, then you should really take advantage of the educational benefits. The military pays you to go to school. Your family can also take advantage of these benefits.